Upgrading Tidelift CLI

Upgrading to 0.16.0

Along with the reorganization before 0.15.0, we have reorganized some commands. What we used to call Scans are now the equivalent of saving an alignment check ( tidelift alignment save). We are moving some of the commands to find releases under the releases command, and we have expanded some wording to be the full word, rather than abbreviations. The following table describes those changes and translations: (All commands are, of course, prefixed with the tidelift executable.)

Old Command New Command
auth authenticate
align alignment
new-project projects new
scan alignment save
lookup releases

We still allow you to use the old commands for the time being. We will show warnings for a while, but the backward compatibility will disappear. We are doing a lot of work to prepare for the Version 1.0.0 release, so please check warnings when running tidelift, and we will direct you as best we can to how to keep your CI/CD flowing smoothly with Tidelift CLI.

Pre 0.15.0

We have recently changed some terms within our company vernacular. Repository is now Project, and Team is now Organization. With this change comes some variables to change with our command line interface. As of 0.15.2 we will be showing warnings in the CLI tooling about this, which will change to errors in the future when we are done this transition period. Before, to set your Team or Repo we provided three ways to do this, either in your downloaded .tidelift file automatically, through an environment variable, or through a command line flag.

Downloaded dot-tidelift file

We have updated our frontend to pre-populate the .tidelift file we provide you to already have the proper configuration. If you use this method, navigate to your project's API settings page, download the updated .tidelift file and overwrite your current project's file.

Environment Variables

We changed the environment variables to reflect the new terms as well.

  • TIDELIFT_TEAM_NAME is now TIDELIFT_ORGANIZATION Edit these two variables in your CI/scripts/environments and you will stop getting warnings.

    Command Line Flags

    As above with the environment variables, the new flags are:

  • --team is now --organization
  • --repo is now --project Edit these two variables in your CI/scripts/environments and you will stop getting warnings.

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