Using Tidelift with Slack

Tidelift provides a Slack app to integrate with your day-to-day workflow.

To get started with the Slack app, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Slack inside your Tidelift team and follow the flow to install the Slack app.

As part of the flow, you will want to select a channel to notify on new catalog tasks. This allows you to more quickly learn about and act on changes that have been requested from your development team or new vulnerabilities that require a review.

Once the Slack app has been installed, developers on your team can authenticate themself with Slack by running /tidelift auth from within Slack. This will give a link that you can click to connect your Slack and Tidelift users. Once your users have been connected, you will be notified immediately upon the approval or denial of packages that you have requested to be added to your catalog

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