Setting up your catalog with JFrog Artifactory

When creating a new Tidelift catalog, you can initially populate it from a JFrog Artifactory repository. 

Once a catalog exists, it can also be continuously synced with Artifactory.

To initially populate the catalog from JFrog Artifactory, you'll need to select the 'start new import' button from your catalog's default view.

  1. When creating your organization’s catalog, you can import a list of all open source package releases (e.g. each version of each package) currently in use at your organization from Artifactory.
  2. Upon successful import, Tidelift will provide guidance on each package release on whether or not we recommend including the package release and related release streams in your catalog. For example, we would not recommend including a package release with a security vulnerability in your organization’s catalog. 
  3. You can choose to accept Tidelift’s version guidance or manually inspect each issue affecting a package release.
  4. Your initial catalog has now been created based on usage from JFrog Artifactory.

To keep the catalog in sync with Artifactory on an ongoing basis, configure the integration.