Looking up catalog releases

When using a Tidelift catalog, it can be helpful to see what releases of a package have already been approved for use within your organization. You can do this easily with the CLI.

  1. To lookup packages, you will first need to have a user API key to authenticate to the API. Be sure to note your team name when downloading your API key to use as TEAM_NAME below
  2. From your repository's root directory run tidelift lookup --project PROJECT_NAME --organization ORGANIZATION_NAME PACKAGE_MANAGER PACKAGE_NAME. REPO_NAME is the name of the repository as set up in Tidelift, PACKAGE_MANAGER is the package manager you are using (eg, maven, npm, etc), PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the package 
  3. You will be given information about which releases have currently been approved for use and a link to learn more about the package.

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