Requesting new releases for your catalog

When using a Tidelift catalog, you will often have a need to request the addition of new software packages that you have added or updated. While this can be done from the web UI after a scan, you can also do this from the command line when using a workflow that checks your alignment.

  1. To request packages, you will first need to have a user API key to authenticate to the API. Be sure to note your team name when downloading your API key to use as TEAM_NAME below
  2. From your repository's root directory run tidelift request--repository REPO_NAME --team TEAM_NAME PACKAGE_MANAGER PACKAGE_NAME PACKAGE_RELEASE. REPO_NAME is the name of the repository as set up in Tidelift, PACKAGE_MANAGER is the package manager you are using (eg, maven, npm, etc), PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the package and RELEASE is the version of the package you wish to add
  3. If you wish to request all of the packages that your repository currently requires that aren't approved, you can request them all by running  run tidelift request--repository REPO_NAME --team TEAM_NAME -all
  4. You will be given information about if the packages have been previously denied and then notified by email upon approval of the requested package releases

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