Checking catalog alignment

(December 2020) Please note that "repo" is being deprecated in favor of the term "project". "Project" is currently used in the Tidelift web application and will be available for use in CLI soon. "repo" and "project" refer to the same thing.

If you are using a Tidelift catalog, you can check alignment (i.e. if a repository is using only approved package releases) quickly using Tidelift CLI. Unlike a scan, using tidelift align does not save a record of the repository's current alignment. It is intended to be used as part of your developer workflow rather than during your CI/CD process.

  1. To check for your catalog alignment, you will first need to have a user API key to authenticate to the API. Be sure to note your team name when downloading your API key.
  2. From your repository's root directory run tidelift align --repo REPO_NAME --team TEAM_NAME. REPO_NAME is the name of the repository as set up in Tidelift.
  3. From your repository's root directory, run tidelift align
  4. Once the alignment check completes, you will see the percent of package releases in the current repository that are approved in the organization's catalog.
  5. If any package releases are not available, you will see if you should request them using tidelift request --all and/or why they were previously denied.

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