Quickstart guide

Welcome to The Tidelift Subscription documentation. If this is your first time evaluating The Tidelift Subscription, then this guide will walk you through the steps to begin experience the benefits of managed open source today.

  1. Create an Account - We offer a 14-day free trial to all prospective customers. Shortly after requesting your trial, you will receive instructions on how to sign up and access your new account
  2. Track Your Repositories – Identify which of your projects or repositories you would like to track with Tidelift. Depending on where you host your code, there are several different workflow integration options. Additionally, you can also upload dependency files manually if you are not ready to integrate into your workflow and want faster results.
  3. Experience managed open source – Once we finish the initial scan of your repositories, you will be able to take advantage of all of the additional benefits of open source. Our scope of support page covers these in detail
  4. Set up your open source policy – You can set up and customize an open source policy to meet the needs of your organization. 
  5. Meet with an expert – Any of our in-house open source experts are available to discuss your organization's specific needs. We would be happy to learn about your current challenges with wrangling open source dependencies and recommend solutions. Reach out at support@tidelift.com.
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