User roles and inviting new users

Organization-level User Roles

Each person using your Tidelift Subscription is assigned a role. There are currently two roles available:

Administrator – An administrator is typically a manager of people, a manager of open source (e.g. Open Source Program Officer), or both. An administrator has full access to the Tidelift Subscription, they can manage catalogs, invite new users, and update roles.

Member – A member is typically a consumer of open source within their organization. They are able to integrate the Tidelift Subscription within their work but are limited in their ability to manage organization-wide policies.

Catalog-level Roles

Roles can also be assigned for specific catalogs.

You can upgrade a developer to be an administrator for a specific catalog from the Catalog > Roles page

Organization-level administrators will always have catalog-level admin access.

Inviting New Users

Administrators can invite new users to their organization and edit roles from the Settings > Organizations page.