At Tidelift, we're working with maintainers to jointly create a product. As with any product offering, we need to tell people the product exists.

We could do this by spending a bunch of money on ads, but we think it makes sense to save most of that money for maintainers. Projects themselves are in the best position to tell their users about the Tidelift Subscription.

We encourage you to do this in the way that feels right for your project.

Marketing requirements for lifters

When you sign up to lift a package and get paid, we're asking for you to keep a mention of the Tidelift Subscription at minimum on your project's main "home page"—whether that's a dedicated website or simply a README on GitHub. We're flexible about the exact wording and format, and happy to consult with you on it.

One reason for this is that it proves you're a maintainer of the project and that there's a consensus among co-maintainers to participate in Tidelift.

But the main reason is that we do need to tell potential subscribers about the product, so they can support you by buying it!

Financial benefits of talking about the Tidelift Subscription

  • Each subscriber increases monthly earnings for all the packages they use—including yours, but also all of your dependencies and likely other packages in your ecosystem.
  • You can earn referral bonuses. We track how we learned about each subscriber in detail. Even before packages have a monthly income available, maintainers can sign up to get a package-specific custom URL on When our sales team signs a subscriber that arrived via your URL, we'll send you $250.

To obtain a custom URL for your package and earn referral bonuses, apply to lift that package (search for it here). On approval, we'll create the package's landing page.

Beyond the minimum requirements

There's a lot more you can do beyond a small mention on your home page or README. If you have creative ideas by all means give them a try! You can use your custom referral-bonus-earning URL wherever you like.


  • Mention the Tidelift Subscription on social media
  • Mention the Tidelift Subscription in announcements or newsletters
  • Blog about your participation in Tidelift
  • Create benefits or rewards that your project offers specifically for Tidelift subscribers

Assets and brand guidelines

You can find logos, sample implementations, and brand guidelines in this Google Drive folder. We're happy to help with implementation, please email

When you use our brand, the lifter agreement and Code of Conduct apply. Please don't use our name or logo in ways that confuse people or reflect poorly on Tidelift. We do not want you to do anything abusive, spammy, or unethical. In fact we will work hard to keep people from doing those things; if you notice them, please let us know.

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