Lifter tasks overview

What tasks do lifters take on?

When you partner with Tidelift, you'll be working with us to provide the same kinds of maintenance and assurance guarantees for your project that enterprise customers have traditionally expected from commercial software.

What we have you do

  • Make sure that the package gets to, and stays at, a level of maturity that enterprise subscribers expect.
  • Help us show information about your package to subscribers in an automated way, so subscribers don't have to individually watch every dependency.
  • Tell your users about the Tidelift Subscription.

What we don't have you do

  • You do not give up control of your technical roadmap.
  • You are not expected to provide help desk or consulting services.
  • You can stop lifting a package at any time.

We're careful to set subscriber expectations on these points.

Four categories of work

Most actively-maintained projects already have good code quality, but enterprise customers are looking for additional features that maintainers shouldn't be expected to provide for free.

Your work will fall into four categories that provide value to you and our enterprise customers. Within each category, there are some one-time tasks (fixing any historical issues or missing data), and some ongoing tasks. Ongoing tasks can arise per-release or in response to events (such as security vulnerability reports).


Enterprise users are risk averse, so knowing your packages comply with the Tidelift security requirements gives them added confidence when they are choosing packages and when responding to new vulnerabilities that may arise in the future.

See security details

Licensing verification and indemnification

Licensing compliance is a huge blocker for adopting open source packages. Tidelift guides you to meet common compliance requirements, so commercial users are more likely to adopt your package.

See licensing details

Maintenance and code improvement

Our subscribers want to know the packages they depend on will be maintained into the future. We provide a set of tools to help you better plan the long-term maintenance of your project.

See maintenance details

Marketing the Tidelift Subscription to your users

By making your project available as part of the Tidelift Subscription and telling all your users about it, you assure them that your project meets a higher maintenance standard. This encourages them to depend on your project and purchase the Tidelift Subscription to ensure it stays maintained into the future.

See marketing details details

The lifter agreement and Code of Conduct

Please review our legal terms and Code of Conduct.

We love feedback

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