Using with another SCM or CI workflow

This article covers how you can integrate Tidelift into your existing Source Control Management (SCM) or Continuous Integration (CI) workflow.

Our customers have successfully used the Tidelift Subscriber API to integrate with environments as varied as:

  • GitLab
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins
  • In-house solutions
  • and more

Using the Tidelift Subscriber API

Once you have set up repositories to track, you'll be able to use the Tidelift Subscriber API to:

  1. Submit your dependency usage – You'll push your manifest files to Tidelift's service so we can complete a scan of your dependencies.
  2. Retrieve scan results – You'll retrieve your scan results from Tidelift so that we can make you aware of any necessary updates or violations of your open source policy.

Our API Reference contains comprehensive documentation as well as code examples for curl, python, and more. 

We also offer premium support to help you bring Tidelift into your workflow. Please reach out to or your account manager for guidance.

Using Tidelift CLI

As an alternative to the API, you can also use Tidelift CLI. With Tidelift CLI, you can initiate scans from the command line and can be used with any standard CI setup. View the CLI Reference or contact if you are interested in this option.

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