Tracking repositories and creating API keys

This article covers how to begin tracking repositories in Tidelift and generate repository-specific API keys from the Subscriber Dashboard. You can also read more about how to use the API to integrate into your workflow or jump straight into the Subscriber API documentation.

Tracking Repositories in Tidelift

Generally, you'll want to track each repository individually within Tidelift. Using the Tidelift web app, you can create a space to track each repository.

  1. From the Tidelift web app, select Repositories
  2. Select Track New Repository
  3. Name the repository you wish to track and Save
  4. If you are not planning to upload files manually, you can dismiss the prompt.

Generating Repository API Keys

When integrating Tidelift into your CI/CD workflow using our CLI or API, you will need to generate repository-specific API keys. If you are initially planning to manually upload dependency files, you can skip this step.

  1. From the Tidelift web app, navigate to the repository and hit the Repo Key button
  2. Select Create a New Key.
  3. You will then see your list of keys and can access the Token and Authorization information for each Repository.
  4. These keys can be set as the TIDELIFT_API_KEY environment variable when running tidelift scan commands from your CI/CD system

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