Reporting with the Tidelift Subscription

The Tidelift Subscription allows you to move away from relying on reports to manage your organization's open source. Instead, you are able to proactively curate and manage known-good catalogs of open source so that your team can avoid having to sift through reports of issues.

In addition, we provide reports with key data to common questions your organization may ask about open source. The following reports can be generated and downloaded from Catalogs > Reports

  1. Catalog-wide open source use
    Get a complete list of releases in your catalog and understand what's in use by projects across your entire organization
  2. Management and task activity
    Open tasks help you understand what needs attention and which areas of the organization may be affected.
  3. Vulnerabilities and affected projects
    Understand the impact of security vulnerabilities that have impacted your organization and if they are still affecting projects.