Reporting with Tidelift

Tidelift allows you to move away from relying on reports to manage your organization's open source. Instead, you are able to proactively curate and manage known-good catalogs of open source so that your team can avoid having to sift through reports of issues.

That said, we still provide key data to common questions your organization may ask about open source. The following table provides samples of the questions that we can help you answer. These questions can often be answered directly through the Tidelift web app, as downloadable reports (CSVs, PDFs), or integrate the raw data into your own reporting system through the Tidelift API. 

Some downloadable reports are pre-built and others can be customized with the help of your Tidelift account manager. Contact for help with your organization's unique reporting needs. We can also help you integrate Tidelift data into your existing reporting products. 

Area Examples of questions Tidelift web app Downloadable reports Raw data through Tidelift API
General open source use
  • What packages are my organization using?
  • Can I get a bill of materials for one or more projects?
  • Are projects aligned with a catalog of approved open source?
  • When did a certain package get approved or denied? Why?
yes yes yes
  • Are projects complying with our licensing policy?
  • What unapproved licenses are in use?
yes yes coming soon
  • What vulnerabilities are actively affecting my projects?
  • What packages have historically created the most problems for our team?
  • How long does it take vulnerabilities to be remediated?
Limited, more coming soon yes coming soon
  • How much unmaintained or deprecated open source are we using?
Limited, more coming soon
yes coming soon
Open source management (ROI)
  • How much time have I saved by accepting Tidelift's recommendations and research?
  • How many vulnerabilities have Tidelift helped us resolve?
  • How much better is the license data that Tidelift is providing?
  • Are tasks being completed? How long does it take for tasks to be completed?
coming soon coming soon
Developer experience
  • Are developers able to stay unblocked and ship code?
  • How long does it take for developer requests to be approved?
coming soon coming soon

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